Friday, October 20, 2006

Vortex + Bertrand Denzler in "Moments Remuements"

"Moments Remuements" are a series of concerts organised by the Es Muss Sein association quite regularily for about a year now. They take place in a workspace inside organiser Gregory Castera's own appartment. It is quite an ideal space for acoustic concerts, very intimate, allowing the sound to be grasped in its full extent. The audience is limited to about 20 and the general level of listening is optimal.
On this night we enjoyed a straight forward 45' set by Vortex, a duo now on tour in France and Switzerland who where about half way in their trajectory, composed of Heddy Boubaker on alto sax and S├ębastien Cirotteau on trumpet. Here they had Bertrand Denzler on tenor sax as a guest.
Immediatly we feel the complicity of Vortex, a harsh mixture of breath, whistling, gurgling, growling with a few floating overtones or multiphonics from here and there. Denzler fits in quite smoothly, delivering some of his unique low frequency ostinatos, space filling overtones or soundwaves, sometimes taking a very supportative role to the ongoing duo surrounding him. For the first and major part of the concert the three of them manage to move together, sometimes going back to silence to wait for a sound that will trigger the construction of a dense soundscape. In the second shorter part the playing became more sparse and delicate, at one point you would feel that this is the end, while in fact another movement is set in motion, and silence becomes a constitutive part of the music.
Some of the best moments actually happened in the end with very precise sounds from low volume to short white noise type breath with occasional single tones or percussive sounds producing some quite improbable combinations.
Makes me wonder how much sound we loose in bigger performance spaces, this one is most probably the smallest space I was given to perform or hear concerts in, and everytime I am surprised by the quality of sound that feeds both the playing and the listening.


Blogger jassem hindi said...

In my sense, Bertrand Denzler had mastered a great part of this concert, making a majority of the structural (and some time textural) propositions. I could hear his calm, mastered sounds, with a perfect control of his dynamics.
There would be much to say, but I would like to insist on this detail.
Unfortunately, the two others where often following Bertrand on this dyamic issue, playing loud when he played loud, low when it was low... giving him a very important responsibility in the choice of his material... but Bertrand assumed it completely, and opened a lot of doors, allowing us to hear the work of the very interesting Vortex duo.

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