Monday, October 16, 2006

Waiting for Jack...

It's 2 o'clock in the morning and I'm waiting for Jack Wright who was supposed to be here at noon today but his plain got delayed by 14h!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apparently there has been some more wasted time otherwise he would already be here. He will only stay overnight and leave tomorrow morning for a five week tour in northern and eastern Europe mostly in solo, then in France with a trio.
Being here with nothing to do except wait for him I thought I'd make this post to express how impressed I am with his unlimited energy I rarely see with musicians from his generation. Musically he has moved from free jazz in the eighties (that got him the funny label of "only white man who can blow his horn like a black man") to so-called "reductionist" music in the nineties. Seeing him play today shows that he didn't take his mark in any of these styles, he can lay waste to all his prior knowledge of the saxophone and give the impression of experimenting like a newby, putting himself at total risk. He performed a wonderful solo in last year's "Irtijal" that frightened most of the audience and shocked the other half, it was just raw, unpolished, unthought blowing into the horn producing the most unique squeaks & growls.
I try to think at how many times he might have settled down into a clear recognizable style throughout his life, playing his regular tricks and techniques as many musicians do after a while (and I don't condemn that), but no, it seems everytime I see him he is working from scratch again in a gesture that makes him one of the only true improvisers I know.


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