Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Guionnet - Murayama @ En Marge bookstore

First gig I attend in Paris in a long time (more than a month), was actually very happy to be there. I've known Jean-Luc & Seijiro for a long time but it's the first time I see them in duo.
They decided to play 60' precisely, the light went out at the end as a sign that time was over. The concert was great as a whole, the long duration almost suspended time. Since the begining they are playing in two different dimensions, each very minimal, each very focused. Only half way through do their sound start to converge, and even then it doesn't last long. Looking at each segment independently you get an undecided feeling of dullness, but following the 60 minutes movement as a whole there was a true feeling of space & freedom, even the freedom not to play, or to play in very different directions. Soon you forget about the details and you are left hanging in some strange dimension where anything goes, even the external sounds of digicams, cars, planes, people chatting or shouting in the nearby street...


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