Saturday, October 14, 2006

Audiofocus 2.0 : Baltschun/Dubost/Korber/Saladin

Four musicians engaged in the very difficult exercise of a quartet improv meeting with our friend the neighboring binary rock drummer (did I mention he was also a pretty bad binary rock drummer as well?). Quentin Dubost is someone I know quite well, we have both shared a long term relation of reciprocal influence, and in many ways he is one of the most underrated french musician. Matthieu Saladin I have known better as an amplified/processed bass-clarinet player, but here he was playing laptop. Boris Baltschun is also a musician I've shared beautiful experiences with in the past and highly estimate his work. It was the first time I ever hear Thomas Korber but didn't get much of a chance to focus on his work.
The first half of the concert was a head on four way improvisation that worked quite well, producing a dense structure of superimposed layers through which we could appreciate Dubost's unique arco palying on his Les Paul guitar. The second half slowly degraded towards a loose ending. The separation point between these 2 parts was the first time they reached silence and that we had to have our now usual drumming break (sorry to insist), after which things didn't build up again.


Blogger GeoKar said...

Many thanks for your regular and accurate reviews on the events you follow. From a personal viewpoint, it enables me to get a sense of the meeting if I had missed it. Moreover, I appreciate the vocabulary/images your use to describe those concrete/abstract sounds you experience. Not an easy task. About that drummer, next time, we'll put up a squad to wipe him out with a karcher, him, the owner and his cousin :)
We wanna read more!

12:04 PM  
Blogger mazen said...

what is the name of that great drummer?

10:42 AM  
Blogger Stefane said...

le chieur !

2:08 PM  

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