Saturday, October 14, 2006

Audiofocus 2.0 : Serge Baghdassarian & Hervé Boghossian

Not an armenian duo despite the name :-) Actually this was a first time meeting between frenchman Hervé Boghossian here on laptop & german Serge Baghdassarian playing electronics.
Both have their own sound worlds that I find did not totally meet on this occasion. Baghdassarian develops a wide array of low frequency roars, crackles, high pitches, overtones, and oscilating concrete type sounds, in general lacking any tonality. On the other hand Boghossian develops sound waves and combos that also generate clear tones. In general he navigates within several medium or medium-high waves, tones and oscilations that did not mix with his partner's drier universe.
Both very intersting artists but somehow the meeting didn't really happen. The neighboring drummer (see previous post) also had a great part to play in this.


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